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Club Policies

As approved by the FCAYS Board of Directors, the following club specific policies are in effect for players and club operations.  All other club and player policies are in accordance with PA West Policies and other governing bodies.

FCAYS Policy on Youth Athletes' Health, Safety and Welfare.
Our kids' health, safety and welfare is very important - please review our policies on conduct (including social media), professionalism and ethics (including reporting) and player safety:

Parent Code of Conduct
Please review our parent/spectator code of conduct.  

Player Safety Statement
Our commitment to player safety and preventing injuries is important to us. Please review our  guidelines.  

Playing Up in an Age Group

FCAYS players may only register and roster on teams in leagues to either their age group as determined by birth date.  Parents may petition the Director of Coaching to request evaluation and consideration for placement on an older age team.  Older team placement will only be considered based upon the player's ability, that it is in best interest of the player's advancement, and that it generates no adverse effect to any other of-age player's opportunity to play at the higher level.  

*Play Up Requests must be submitted during the registration process for review prior to rostering teams.*

Player Eligibility / Non-Stacking
Fox Chapel Area Youth Soccer will only accept players who are residents of the Fox Chapel Area School District.  Non-district residents may petition the club registrar for acceptance if their community soccer program does not provide the program sought through FCAYS, if the club servicing their community releases the player to FCAYS in writing, and if acceptance generates no adverse effect to any other resident player's opportunity to play at the petitioned level.

Player Field Time
If a player chooses not to actively participate in team practices, the coach, after conferral with the player’s parent and the club’s age group’s commissioner, is permitted to limit that player’s field time to less that 50% of the game per half if he/she has determined that the player's minimal practice time poses either a safety threat to that child or is detrimental to the players that do attend practices to improve and learn team tactics.

Player Pigeon Holing Policy
For the formative U6 to U11 age groups, coaches are to give players ample opportunity to experience and develop skill sets for offense, defense and keeper through adequate game playing time in each of these positions throughout the season.  Coaches are not permitted to pigeon-hole players to either offense or defense based upon either skill level or lack of skill for the position. 

U10 / Older Assistant Coach
Coaches of teams requiring formal rosters must appoint, roster, card and kid-safe at least two non-family assistant coaches for their teams to cover for them in the event of absences, injuries or game ejections.

Coaching Numerous Teams
Any coach that is appointed HEAD coach of more than one team that plays on the same day must identify and roster a qualified assistant coach that has no other same day coaching responsibilities and who is capable of game coaching and practice training the team in the head coach’s absence.

Player Replacement Policy
Vacancies created by players withdrawing from a Division 4 team will be filled by offer based upon the following timing, ability and team need criteria:

1) If the vacancy occurs between spring evaluation and the end of the fall season, the next player who was evaluated as competent to play on that team by the prior springs evaluation and selection process for that team will be offered the position.

2) If the vacancy occurs after the fall season, the player evaluated by the team coach, with approval from the team's Age Group Commissioner, as the best player to fit the needs of the team based upon availability, overall ability and/or unique abilities such as goalkeeper will be offered the position on the team. 

11 V 11 Maximum Roster Size
For U13 and older teams playing 11 v 11 regulation soccer, the roster for each  team created in the age group will be capped at 18 on a first registered, first placed basis.  A waiting list will be created for players after the first 18 on the same basis and may be accepted onto the team by the coach at the coach's sole discretion.

Conflicts of Interest Policy
In any Board discussion, consideration or vote that pertains to either a business issue of the club or a club personnel engagement that is either personally or professionally connected in a significant way to a Board member, that Board member will be limited in their discussion to the extent of other candidates under consideration and will not be eligible to cast any vote on the matter. 

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