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Game Scheduling and Cancellations

U6-10 Recreational Games are scheduled by our Field/Game Scheduler.

U6-8 game (in-house) schedules will be created and sent to the Age Commissioners approximately 10 days prior to the start of the season.  Once the game schedule is created, a coach cannot change game times without the express permission of the Scheduler.  

U9-10 Game schedules will be sent to the U9-10 Age Commissioner directly by PA West.  The AGCs will then send the home games to the Field/Game Scheduler.  It will be ready for distribution approximately 3 days after received by PA West.  

U10 Division 4 Travel and all U11+ team coaches will receive a schedule from their PA West Age Group Commissioner that has home and away games scheduled on particular dates.  Fox Chapel Area Youth Soccer will assign field locations and game times to all HOME games on this schedule.  Therefore, coaches are to forward a list of HOME GAME DATES and OPPONENTS to the club field scheduler as soon as he/she receives them from his/her Age Group Commissioner.  Do not forget to tell the field scheduler your team's AGE GROUP and GENDER.

PA West mandates that Sunday games be played when scheduled where scheduled.  With guest players and guest coach rules, all teams should be able to field a team on any given Sunday.  Confer with your Age Group Commissioner for assistance.
Coaches do not have the authority to cancel games due to weather, player count, or to reschedule games without the expressed permission of the home club for that game.  For Fox Chapel Games, that is the President. 
Please remember that only the club cancels games up to 2 hours in advance.  The club and/or referees cancel within 2 hours or at game time.  In cases of a team failing to show for a game, the offending Club is exposed to sanctions and monetary fines from PA West which will be considered in the following season's coach selections.   
If your opponent tells you they will not show for the match, you will contact your FCFC and PA West age group commissioners and copy the referee coordinators with that information for follow-up.

Referee Coordinator: 
Marc Reppermund
[email protected]
‭(412) 327-6555‬  

Make-Up or Rescheduled Home Games are coordinated and approved by the field scheduler.  Please note that the club reserves the right to reassign game times or to reschedule matches for reasons of referee availability or continuity of games for referee efficiency.  In-season rescheduling of games for convenience or absence of players for other activities will not be approved. 

To get started, the Home Fox Chapel coach should first find a date consistent with club make-up days and a time WINDOW for play and have it confirmed as "good" with the opponent.  Coach should then submit the date and time window to the field assignor for assignment of the field and to coordinate referees for available times.
Please view the U10-19 Sunday Home Game Schedule website page for available Sundays game times.  U10 has most options due to unused fields on Sunday 

Make Up Days
U9 Make-up Days: Late Saturday Afternoon and Sunday (Noon to 6PM)
U10 Make-up Days: Late Saturday Afternoon and Friday Evening (5:30PM & 6:45PM)
U11/12 Make-up Days: Saturday Afternoons (Noon to 6PM) and Sunday
U13/19 Make-up Days: Saturday Mornings (9 to end by Noon) and Monday Evenings.

No request will be accepted that doesn't have opponent confirmation for availability for the date and time window requested. 

Field Scheduler email:   [email protected]

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